Microsoft Surface tablets define a new face for Mobile video conferencing

Microsoft surface support

Microsoft launches new table series

Tablet wars are no longer a two way race between Apple and Samsung. Microsoft launched its new line of tablets designed and manufactured by the giant Microsoft itself. They announced that the new tablets will run on new generation Widows 8 platform. Currently Apple and Samsung are the big players in the consumer market for tablet computing and still remain unbeaten. However these tablets will be competing with their own hardware partners such as Lenovo and Dell. Microsoft has already opened booking for their upcoming product and a Microsoft surface support team is already on to understand and study customer reviews and market.

In the present scenario a new laptop or tablet should be capable of working with the prevailing management and security tools and they must be also able to run their existing software. The new surface Tablets are developed in such a way that, they are compatible with all existing software produced by them. The most impressive part is the effort put to integrate a wide range of features into this compact device with a remarkable design.

Mobile video conferencing

Faster video conferencing on surface

MS Lync

The surface tablets will be manufactured with embedded MS Lync which will boost the market of Microsoft in the communications and video conferencing areas. When connectivity is added to the video conferencing gateway, it will allow the surface enabled device to participate with other video conferencing calls working on a device such as a computer or tablet or even Smartphone. Users will be able to use this within and outside the organization.

Video Conference

Most of the laptop users will also have a desktop PC and most of them find portable laptops more convenient to perform a video conferencing call. But Microsoft claims that the new series of surface tablets are going to change the situation as they have plans to manufacture stand alone video conferencing devices which will replace all the conventional ways of video conferencing. Equipped with a 10.6 inch optically bonded clear type display, this is going to be an exciting experience for users.  Video conferencing can be made on full screen with no stretching or letter boxing. Best part is that all these features are packed in a very compact device which weighs only 903 grams.

Microsoft surface support team also said that their tablets are compatible with Xbox controllers to ensure that their users don’t miss any action. Let’s hope that this device sets new record in tablet computing market.

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Concerns about Microsoft Multitouch

Microsoft surface support

Microsoft surface

Nothing can beat the excitement and enthusiasm of people in accepting Microsoft products.  Over the years they acquired popularity and reliability by creating amazing products with new technology. People anxiously await new products from Microsoft. If you consider their products list, you will understand why they are the leaders in the field of software and technology.

When Microsoft announced launching of Microsoft surface, it was an illustration of another novel technology. As competition in the field of technology is very tight, many other companies also manufactured products using the multitouch technology. But Apple iPhone and Microsoft surface dominated the industry.


As Microsoft continued to design and develop   the surface family of products, technology experts and Redmond strategists began to criticize and compare their products. According to them Microsoft cannot exploit their chances of manufacturing better products with newer and fresh technology. They compared the features of iPhone and the Surface. They cited that Apple could create a product of mass consumption with a number of applications suited for the product.  That is, Apple could exploit the multitouch technology in a better way.

In the case of Surface computers, the initial cost of the product was too high. The mass production of surface computers is not practical. Since the price range is about tens of thousands, even companies hesitate to buy the product. Unless Microsoft reduces the cost, the present condition will prevail.

Microsoft Surface supports advanced hardware applications. They give more importance to hardware

multitouch technology

surface tablets

development. This under-utility of software applications won’t make the product novel and interesting. At the same time, Apple gives emphasis to software applications. Thus Apple can surprise and attract users with their advanced features. It will be clearer after considering this example.  Microsoft surface uses Windows Vista operating system used by other conventional personal computers and includes Microsoft surface support option. This makes it only a little more than the normal PC monitors with touch-screen capabilities; something that happens with every big invention.

In order to overcome these practical considerations Microsoft has to develop novel multitouch features in the near future. They have successfully gotten rid of all the challenges faced in the past.  So we have to wait until they come up with another amazing product.

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Features About Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft Surface support

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has entered the Tablet industry with its product known as Microsoft Surface. The main feature about this product is that the company will be manufacturing products of its own without collaborating with any other companies. The company is planning to release two different versions of the tablet. One having Windows RT operating system in it and it will be called Surface and the other version is supposed to have Windows 8 and this will be called Surface Pro. The expected release date of surface is on October 2012 and Surface Pro is supposed to be hitting market on January 2013. Following are some of the features as released by Microsoft Surface support team


  • 10.6 inch display is supposed to be the size of the display of a Surface and it also contains an aspect ratio of 16:9 whereas Surface Pro is supposed to be having a full High Definition resolution. So that concludes that Surface is supposed to have a display resolution of 1280×720 pixels whereas Surface Pro is supposed to have a display resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Surface Pro

    Things to know about Surface

    The feature that is common to both of these tablets is that the users can use a stylus using which they can write anything on the screen. The feeling when you use a stylus is that you are actually writing on a paper rather than on a screen. Whenever the stylus comes close to the screen the digitizer of the tablet will go off so that the intake will be from the stylus and when the stylus is away from the screen the digitizer will turn back on.

  • There is a kickstand which comes along the Surface. So whenever you place the tablet on a table with the kickstand in place it really looks like a laptop. The kickstand really suits the design so it is a real useful add-on.
  • agnesium cover is used for both the Surface tablets. There are two covers for the Surface, one which covers the screen on the tablet and other which covers the keypad. Both of these covers are attached magnetically to the screen and the keypad.

These are some of the features about the two tablets which were stated by Microsoft Surface support team.

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Basic Facts about Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft surface support, Tablets

Microsoft Surface

Hi, Hello Readers!!! I am here to announce the great launching news of the most awaited product from Microsoft, a small tablet computer called Microsoft Surface. It will be launched within few months. Its arrival is seen as a major threat to its rivals in this tablet field like Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy and the like. As you all people, I am also eagerly waiting for its grant arrival. Now the count-down begins.

Before that I would like to share a few facts about Microsoft Surface. Read more…

Microsoft Surface – The Most Awaited…

As I stated above it is a brand new range of tablets from the software giant Microsoft. For your kind information, let me inform you that Surface tablets will be arriving in two versions: Surface Basic and Surface Pro, both will be working on Windows 8 OS. This will give a brave push for their new OS also. Purchasing these tablets will give a chance to the users to try out new platform of Windows 8. It is also attributed with a constant support from Microsoft Surface Support team.

Variants of Surface

As I said above, Microsoft Surface will be introduced in two versions- Surface Basic and Surface Pro.

Microsoft surface support, Tablets

Series of Tablets

  • Surface Basic: This version of Surface will be working on both Windows RT, software specifically for tablets, and Windows 8. The advantage is that, this version of tablet consumes only less power. It also has a long battery life running on ARM chipset.  The physical characteristics are it is 9mm thick and has a weight of 1.5 pounds with a 10.6 inch clear HD display with a memory of 32GB and 64GB options.
  • Surface Pro: This version of Microsoft Surface will run on a full version of Windows 8. When compared with the other version, it is bit thicker and heavier at 13.5mm and 1.9 pounds respectively. Despite of these characteristics, it will be easy for you to carry it anywhere. It has a 10.6 inch clear “Full HD” display.

Facts to Consider

Even though its arrival will be a wishful thing, there are many concerns in a normal person’s mind regarding certain areas. The company has not made any clarifications regarding its exact availability; there is no clarity about its price range and so on. The only fact that sooths our mind is Microsoft surface support offered by the company directly.

Whatever may be, wait for that hopeful day in the history of tablets sale. Countdown begins…


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The Microsoft’s Surface

Microsoft Surface support, Microsoft surface

the future gadget, Microsoft surface support

Ever since Microsoft released the details about Microsoft Surface the media ran overloaded with leaked out pictures of the gadget, the expected specifications and so on. So what brings the Microsoft Surface under the lime light? Microsoft has always straggled off in the race to bring new innovations and technologies. But Microsoft came up with an answer the Microsoft surface that shut all the critic mouths. It also brought Microsoft on to the front line. Technically the gadget has a touch sensitive surface that interacts with multiple users at the same instant. Any object placed on the table interacts with the software beneath the touch sensitive layer and fuels the gadget for various tasks. You can digitalize your photographs by moving your arms back and forth while holding the photograph facing down on the digital screen. The surface table comes up with a thirty inch screen that lets you click in snaps with a Wi-Fi enabled camera later on this photograph can be forced into the screen which gets integrated into the Microsoft program code.

Into the future

Microsoft Surface support, Microsoft surface

the future gadget, Microsoft surface support

Microsoft surface has a brought the mankind a step closer to future. As per the Microsoft surface support team, in future this gadget will let the user to scan in any image directly into the surface screen in a matter of few seconds. The surface in future will also help you to scan in the digital music downloads too. They will come incorporated with the ability to plug in any video cameras or digital camera directly into the flash drive and USB ports. You would be able to watch this images and videos in high definition screen. The surface is expected to hit the markets in future with a customizable virtual keyboard. The keyboard can be tuned to meet your personal interests. The surface will be powered with the all of the latest Microsoft operating system. As of now it will be powered with Microsoft Vista and it would never be requiring any update until a better and more efficient software hits the market under the Microsoft brand.  In the future we expect to see an internet infrastructure that lets any user instantly download the Microsoft programs and updates. We also expect to see a better evolved Microsoft Surface support crew to efficiently manage and answer the queries regarding the surface.

The surface is expected to hit the markets commercially by late 2012. Let’s see whether Mr. Gate keeps to his word or not.

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Disney’s house of the future showcases Microsoft Surface

Touch screen

Amusement Parks

A lot of money has been invested by the Walt Disney Co. on an amusement park cum 3-D gaming experience where the user has an experience of being on a shooting spree like in a video game, except that this is in a real life amusement park. The Californian adventure based next to the Disney Land in Anaheim California is an amusement park where riders get a 3-D glass, and ride the vehicle through the carnival hosted by characters from the Toy Story film. A weapon will be possessed by each rider and they can go on rapid fire sessions along a screen displaying classic board games.

Disney Land has invested a billion dollars on Toy Story Midway Mania to bring in the chain of amusement parks along Disney Land which will be merged with 3-D gaming experience and ultra modern technologies.

Microsoft Surface support Disney’s house of the future

The Innovations Dream House is a mixed blend of technology and fantasy marketed by Disney and Microsoft, HP and home automater Life/Ware and Taylor Morrison.



This is the latest avatar of Disney Staple of 1950s and 1960s built with an investment of $15 million and housed in 5000 square foot. Innovation in technological aspects is featured in the house, and is not for sale in the market. The future of our home and devices are showcased through the giant Microwave oven and the television that are hung on the wall.

Microsoft Surface support is also featured on Disney’s new house with the table computers and touch screen PCs. Each company has contributed a large fortune to Disney to participate in the Disney’s Future Home for next five years.

The future home of Disney Land is not as bright, as anyone can go purchase 80% of its items in the market and the remaining are in the development phase. Hence within a few years, all the items displayed in the Tomorrow Land will be available for sale in the market.

Visitors in Disney Land can now play long with Elias actors alongside, experiencing the feel of Microsoft Surface computers and touch screen HP computers. The sense of innovative technology is seen in these products and these products will be available in the market, for sale to the normal crowd.

These are the basic pieces of information on Disney’s house of the future. Hope this was a good read.


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The Surface of it all!

Microsoft Surface Support

The tablet

Like every year, Microsoft has something new to offer its users. This year, it is most probably going to be the much hyped Microsoft Surface tablet. Tablets are now flooding the market ever since Apple brought out its iPad. So, it is only natural that the largest technology company should also join in the fun or should I say battle of the tablets.


Microsoft’s recent announcement that they would be releasing the Surface sometime during this year has excited enthusiasts and stumped the techno-analysts. The reason isn’t hard to find. Microsoft has been doing well with its hardware section insofar as the gaming industry is concerned but handling a device that is by and large a personal computing device? Analysts thought that the company was still a good year away from making that leap but here they are proving everyone wrong. It would be a challenge to put up the Microsoft Surface Support and Service section apart from marketing the product in a world filled with gadgets that are already top class.



the much anticipated Tabletop

Let’s not forget the 30-inch table top computer either. Also christened Surface, this has received great reception from the masses. This has been designed to take the experience of doing business and personal computing to the next level. With this, one can easily look up menus in a restaurant, see graphs, and prepare presentations literally on a desktop! The CEO of the company has also promised to look into the viability of bringing the tabletop Surface to consumer market as well. Those who have been impressed with the technology as seen in the movie Tron: Legacy would be absolutely thrilled by this development.

There are a few issues of course that might plague both these devices. One would be the price. While nobody expects either to be cheap, they would certainly find it hard to buy both and consumers are more likely to go for the personal, easy to use tablet rather than choose the bulky tabletop. Secon would be the background work that needs to be done by Microsoft Surface support team. Remember that Microsoft has not yet featured on the tablet computer yet and so would expect to be a little slow in getting all bugs and glitches into account. But, one can take hear from the fact that it’s Microsoft after all; they can’t bungle it up, can they?

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The Best Features of Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft Surface Support

more bout Microsoft Surface


The Microsoft Surface has turned out to be a strong rival for the iPad. Steve Ballmer, during the launch of Surface tablet claimed that the new product is equipped with all features that can surpass the performance of the iPad.

This article deals with the best features of the Surface tablet that made it a competitor for iPad. Related articles are found in the Microsoft Surface Support topics too.

The External features of Surface

Surface tablets were launched with 2 varieties of covers, the Touch and the type cover. The Touch and Type models work with the same kind of digitizer device. The Surface tablet is equipped with powerful Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge chips and ARM chip set. Both the devices are equipped with a magnetic covering that can withstand a fait amount of pressure. The tablet weighs around 2 Pounds and is coated with a magnesium shield for enhanced protection from external shocks. The magnesium coating imparts a finishing touch to the product.

Keyboard features

The keyboard of the Surface tablets acts a protection shield too. It performs the function of the keyboard and a


Microsoft surface tablets

protection device. The keyboard will play an important role for the people who save important documents in the tablet. The cover can be flipped open and can be used as the keyboard. It can be adjusted to the original position with a back flip. The Surface tablets are launched with a wide screen of 10.6 inches dimension. The flipping keyboard makes the tablet a very cool device both in appearance and handling.

According to Balmer, Surface is about hardware and software working together.


Microsoft has really worked upon the external design aspects of the device. The handling of the device is extremely good and external appearance is appealing too. But many users doubt about the compatibility of the different parts of the product. Users are mostly confused about the unanimity of the product.


The established rivals of Microsoft in this particular segment are Android and Apple. Microsoft has to face a serious rivalry from both these competitors because both the companies are already established in the segment with ample amount of satisfied customers. Microsoft has to bring about something great that appeals the users. The greatest advantage of the Apple devices is its reliability. The reliability is a serious concern for the Microsoft devices.

Now send in your valuable feedbacks about this gadget in the Microsoft Surface Support topics. Have a good time!!

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Is Microsoft Surface a Next Generation Platform?


Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is the new software platform from the Microsoft, ideal for all reasons and seasons. And as such, it has been designed with the sole purpose to enable multiple users in interacting with a single large device, for example a wide-screen TV.

The intention behind the same creation is to establish real connections between customers or devices and all that by just using your fingers or devices. The user interface is a graphical display unit that can be used in lieu of a table either fixe to a wall or embedded in fixtures. When lost, the Microsoft Surface Support is there to come to your rescue.


Currently, the platform is a 30-inch diagonal display table with Vista OS was designed by Microsoft since 2003 adhering to strict secrecy. It is noteworthy that the unit built at least 85 prototypes meant for internal use prior to the current product.

How does it work?

The operation is completely touch screen be it opening a document, scanning an image or file transfer. You can move your excel or word of pdf document to the pda phone or vice versa just by dragging. What exactly happens is that when you place your pda or cd or DVD on the table, the thumbnail list of My Documents will be displayed and you just touch to perform actions using your fingers. There is no hassle of using mouse, keyboard or any concrete set up; it’s just between your fingers and the table. Does it not sound very advanced and utopian?



Microsoft Surface Appraisal

The functionality of the platform finds use in commercial outlets like restaurants, ticket reservation counters and so on. Assuming that you are in a coffee shop, here are the things you can do with a Microsoft Surface platform. You can search for a museum, a movie theater, a shop, listen to music, and order your food and all this while waiting for your food. Using the same platform, you can pay your bills and leave off.

It appears that every single activity of day to day life, be it at home or in business is made simpler beyond reasonable imagination. Technology is at its best in the platform discussed and you can stand to witness much more in the future if you are to follow the history line.

Playing games could get simpler and may be your shopping. Does it imply that every single activity on earth should be made simpler in the name of technology? Questions surface the minds of the asking; will this Microsoft Surface support, the Next Gen Platform and the ones to evolve in future answer them all?


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Which tablet?

Microsoft surface support

Microsoft’s newest product

Tablet PCs are now in vogue. The number of tablets being sold compared to PCs is slowly but surely rising as today’s tablets break new ground in terms of technology. Many companies have released their versions of the tablet PC. Apple brought out the iconic iPad which was followed by Samsung’s equally brilliant Galaxy Tab. It is quite difficult to choose your tablet these days with so little separating the famous tablet makers. And now we have Microsoft joining the fray with their version of the tablet, Microsoft Surface. To help consumers choose from among the various tablets, we bring to you a comparison between this new tablet from Microsoft and the others.


The Surface has some great features that may end up as a USP of the product. The keyboard and trackpad has been sandwiched into a thin strip that is just about 3mm thick. Now many might wonder why on Earth should a tablet have a keyboard interface? Well, this is a detachable feature and the Surface can very well work as a touchscreen tablet too. According to Microsoft Surface Support, this keboard-trackpad combine can be detached through the magnetic clamps on the one end of the Surface.


choose from a variety of tablets

The Surface comes with the new and improved version of Windows operating syste, the much hyped Windows 8 which has been designed keeping the tablet users in mind. The tablet also weighs just about 676- 903 grams depending on which version of the tablet you are looking at (RT or the Pro version).

Both versions of the tablet sports a Gorilla Glass supported 10.6inch screen having a resolution of 1080p. This is supported by the company’s own Microsoft’s Clear Text technology.

The defining feature of the surface tablet would be its processor. The performance of Windows on desktop PCs has largely been depended on the processor on the computer. Microsoft has chosen to use Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i5 processor for its tablets PCs.

The storage options for the Surface tablets vary according to the version too. The RT version comes with 32 or 64 GB while the Pro version comes with either a 64 GB or 128 GB.

Those were some of the features of the tablet. Others like superior Microsoft Surface support too would contribute towards the growing reputation of the tablet.

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